General Terms of use

English Version – Last update: 03/02/2015


II.1. Preamble

These General Terms of Use (hereinafter “the Terms”) defines access rules and all obligations of all users of in and to the Internet Website currently at the address: . Uses of this Website and all of their contents (as defined below) provided on the Website, or by intermediary, shall be submitted at the Terms presented herein.

These present Terms are entered into by and between the company WILD BUNCH S.A., whose registered address is 99 rue de la Verrerie – 75004 Paris (hereinafter “Wild Bunch”) and Users.

Any connection at this Website is an express acceptance of the Terms presented herein, that any user, member registered on the one hand, and any other person on the other hand, declares recognize and accept.

If any person does not wish to be bound with all or part of the Terms herein, do not use, access or browse this Website.


Wild Bunch may modify these terms and conditions at any time and such and all modifications shall be effective immediately upon being publicized. Your access or use of this site shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the modified terms and conditions. In the case of any violation of these terms and conditions, Wild Bunch reserves the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity.


II.2. Glossary

Identifying” means the process by which registered member log in to access at its personal account.

Registration” means the process by which a user creates a personal account.

Password” means the password chosen by the User to access at its Personal Account or the automatical password in the particulary case of creation by Wild Bunch of the Personal Account;

Connexion Data” means the password and the identifier permitting to Registered Members to access to their personal account.

Website” means the Website accessible by the URL adress: http://wildbunch/biz//

User” means any person with the full legal capacity and using one/all service(s) concerning the Website, as a register member or as a simply user.

Register member” means all physical persons have had the autorisation to create a personal account in the Website.

Simple user” means all physical persons using the Website without creating a validated account by Wild Bunch.

Screening Room” means on-line viewing device available for Users.

Request” means the process by which a Registered Member make an individual request to access at Private element authorized.

Film(s)” means all repertoried long Motion Picture(s) in the Website and all elements associated to this/their Picture(s), defined without limitation as all informations, posters, extracts, trailers, pictures, synopsis, streaming, etc.

Library” means all Long Motion Pictures and/or audiovisual Programs appaering in the Website, collectivly and together.

Personal data” means all personal datas collected in connection with the Use of the Website.

Personal account” means the personal account creating by all physical person and validated by Wild Bunch after inscription.

Content(s)” means all elements, in whatever form, in all diffusion or viewing mode, in public and/or private access, which appear in the Website.

Wish List” means the wishes list created by any Registered Members by individual and/or collective requests.

Hyperlinks” means all internet hyperlinks to others Web’s contents available by the Website and/or which gives access to the Website.

Services” means all services available in the Website for the Users.

Activity” means the society’s activity affiliated to the Personal Account of each Registered Member.

Preferences” means User’s purchasing preferences concerning the kind of Programs (ex: drama, comedy, etc.)

Public Content” means all available elements to any User of the Website, without any difference between the simply Users and the Registered Members.

Private Content” means available elements to any Registered Members, made available with Wild Bunch’s authorisation.

Authorized Private Content” means available elements to Registered Members upon individual request (« upon request ») subject to prior Wild Bunch’s authorization.

Public Content”, “Private Content” and “Authorized Private Content” are together defined to as “Content


II.3 Presentation and Access of the Services

II.3.1 Informations

Wild Bunch International Sales is a limitary company, a subsidiary of the Wild Bunch Group, which the main activity is the international distribution and acquisition of Long Motion Picture and/or other audio-visual works/programms (thereafter the “Progammes”) in France and/or abroad.

Wild Bunch manages its Library of contents coming from Wild Bunch’s audiovisual heritage, which comprises among others promotional and marketing documents, as well all materials and audiovisuals elements associated to the Programs, all information associated to the Library, all information associated to the Society’s activity, the festivals or any prices, and all others contents accessible through the Website.

Wild Bunch offers to Users of the Website access (i) to Public Content upon connecting of the Website

after connexion to the Website, to Public Elements, and/or (ii) to Private Contents subject to User’s Registration and/or (iii) to Authorized Private Contents upon request of any Registered Member.

This Content available upon Website’s devices is curated and uploaded by Wild Bunch, at its sole discretion.


The Website has the purpose of offering general information to any User having access to the internet and specific services to professionals associated to (i) a commercial company having entered into an Agreement with Wild Bunch and/or (ii) to professionals who might acquire distribution and/or sales rights from the Library.

Access to some Content is subject to Wild Bunch authorization to one specific individual or all individuals affiliated to a company.

It is up to Wild Bunch to determine the Content available to Registered Members.

II.3.2 Library

The Wild Bunch’s Library is composed by the Programme(s) for which Wild Bunch has lawfully acquiered, in accordance with the applicable law.

Wild Bunch warrants to any Users that access to all elements and/or contents from the Website are authorized to appear in accordance with the rights vested in Wild Bunch for the Programmes of the Library.

II.3.3 Access to the Site

Any Users must to have a full legal capacity and have the legal majority at the day of first use of the Website.

In case of doubt, Wild Bunch reserves the rights to ask any proof to the person involved. All Users must have an internet connection to access the Website, understanding that the cost of said Internet connection is borne by the User only.

All Users must also have the adequate equipment and protections, including anti-virus software and anti-spyware, necessary to the connection and the use of the Website. Wild Bunch does not warrant access to the Website upon all terminals of reception.

The Use and the access to certain elements of the Website may be subject to the creation and the validation of a Personal Account (the « Personal Account ») by the User, understanding that the creation of such Personal Account does not necessary imply an access to all elements of the Website.

II.3.4 Interdiction

Users undertake to respect any and all stipulations of the present Terms, and prohibit from using the Website to the purposes of: