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A Cover-Up

Dong Yue

A Cover-Up

A Cover-Up

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Status: Completed

Director(s): Dong Yue

Main cast: Huang Xiaoming, Wang Yinglu, Li Congxi

Short synopsis : A COVER-UP is a rollercoaster ride through guilt and deliverance set in the backwaters of contemporary China.

Long synopsis : Having failed his legal exams, self-taught law student Meng is forced to moonlight as a night-shift cab driver. During a violent altercation with a drunk customer, and unable to restrain his pent-up fury, he pushes the man into a river. Years pass. Now a successful lawyer and family man, Meng is haunted by his past. Hoping to make amends, he tracks down the family of the drowned man. Meanwhile, he is being stalked by a stranger with damaging information about his past… Far from the redemption he seeks, Meng might well be heading towards his own destruction…


  • Huang Xiaoming, Wang Yinglu, Li Congxi


  • Director(s): Dong Yue
  • Screenplay: Dong Yue
  • Genre(s): Crime, Thriller

  • Image Ratio: 0.00