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Virginie Despentes


Status: Completed

Director(s): Virginie Despentes

Main cast: Emmanuelle Béart, Béatrice Dalle, Soko

Short synopsis : Gloria et Frances se sont aimées dans la France des années 80 comme on s’aime à seize ans – drug, sex and rock&roll. Puis la vie, autant que les contraintes sociales, les a séparées. Vingt ans après, à nouveau, leurs chemins se croisent…

Long synopsis : Gloria is 40. With no job, no family, no fixed address, she spends her time boozing in her local bar in Nancy. Frances is 40. A prime time TV presenter living in Paris, she’s married to successful novelist, Claude. Behind closed doors, Frances sleeps with women, and Claude with men. In public, they are the perfect couple. Back in the 80s, Gloria and Frances met in a psychiatric hospital. Back then, they loved each other, the way you love at 16: intense, wild. Sex, drugs and punk rock. After meeting in a psychiatric hospital, they ran away together. Then life pushed them apart. Frances left Gloria – her first true love, her first broken heart. Now, twenty years later, their paths are about to cross again...


  • Emmanuelle Béart, Béatrice Dalle, Soko, Clara Ponsot, Pascal Greggory, Stomy Bugsy


  • Producer(s): Sébastien de Fonseca, Cédric Walter
  • Director(s): Virginie Despentes
  • Screenplay: Virginie Despentes
  • DP: Hélène Louvart
  • Editing: Martine Giordano
  • Set Design: Laurie Colson, Patrick Dechesne
  • Genre(s): Drama, LGBT, Romance

  • Production company: RED STAR CINEMA
  • Production date: 2011
  • Language: French
  • Duration: 98 min
  • Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival 2012
  • Festival do Rio 2012
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2012