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Wild Bunch - Civil War

Rachel Boyton

Civil War

Civil War

Screening room

Status: Completed

Director(s): Rachel Boyton

Short synopsis : With delicacy and strength, subtlety and determination, CIVIL WAR portrays a nation in denial, haunted by an embittered past and the stories it refuses to tell.

Long synopsis : CIVIL WAR (aka Who Do We Think We Are) travels across the United States, exploring how Americans tell the story of their Civil War. Filmed from the final year of Obama’s presidency through to the present, it interweaves insightful scenes and touching interviews filmed North and South, painting a uniquely crafted, multi-faceted portrait of the American psyche and the deep roots of its turbulent times.


  • Producer(s): Brad Pitt, Steven Shainberg, Sam Pollard, Henry Louis Gate JR, Rachel Boyton, Erika Dilday
  • Director(s): Rachel Boyton
  • DP: Nelson Walker III
  • Original Music: Nathan Larson

  • Language: English
  • Image Ratio: 0.00