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Pierre Godeau


Status: Completed

Director(s): Pierre Godeau

Long synopsis : If anyone knows anything about bikes, it’s Raoul Taburin, official bicycle dealer of Saint Céron, a lovely village in the South of France. But Raoul has a terrible secret: he has never been able to keep his balance on a bike without using stabilisers. His childhood and teenage years were spent trying to overcome his flaw - in vain. All attempts to tell his secret have also failed. Nobody believes him. When photographer Hervé Figougne moves to Saint Céron, the two men become fast friends. And when Figougne offers to photograph Raoul riding a racing bike along a mountain precipice, the moment of truth has arrived. He does all he can to avoid the photo shoot. But everything goes against him and he finally has to accept his destiny. “At least”, he thinks, “people will have to believe me”. But for Raoul Taburin, things are never that simple…


  • Benoît Poelvoorde, Suzanne Clément , Edouard Baer


  • Producer(s): PAN-EUROPEENNE
  • Director(s): Pierre Godeau
  • Screenplay: Guillaume Laurant
  • DP: Claire Mathon
  • Editing: Hervé de Luze
  • BASED ON THE BOOK Raoul Taburin by: Jean-Jacques Sempé
  • Production manager: Baudoin Capet
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Family

  • Production company: Pan-Européenne, VERSUS PRODUCTION, FRANCE 2 CINEMA
  • Language: French
  • Image Ratio: 0.00