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Wild Bunch - The Cave

Tom Waller

The Cave

The Cave

Screening room

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Status: Completed

Director(s): Tom Waller

Long synopsis : When a soccer team of 12 boys, aged 11-16, and their 25-year-old coach is trapped deep inside a cave in Northern Thailand, thousands of volunteers and soldiers from around the world unite in a race against time to find them.  Once the boys are found alive ten days later, the only way out is an impossible five-hour dive-swim that onlyexpert cave divers could survive.  The world watches as retired Thai Navy Seal Saman Kunan swims in… and drowns. The cave has shown its teeth, there was no telling who would come out alive.  In Ireland, airplane engineer and hobbyist cave diver Jim Warny gets the call: “How soon can you be here?” Having said goodbye to his family, Jim steps off the plane and into the cave – a knife-edge three-day mission is underway. Based on true events, THE CAVE tells the thrilling story of the largest international rescue mission of modern times, from the unique perspective of men and women facing life-and-death decisions and displaying selfless determination and sacrifice, culminating in a triumphant outcome against all the odds. 


  • Director(s): Tom Waller
  • Editing: Lee Chatametikool
  • Original Music: OLIVIER LLIBOUTRY

  • Production company: De Warenne Pictures
  • Language: English, Thai