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Wild Bunch - THE LION BOY

Patrick Grandperret




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Status: Completed

Director(s): Patrick Grandperret

Main cast: Wéré Wéré Liking, Souleyman Koli, Salif Keita

Long synopsis : There is a village in southern Africa where lions and men have always lived in harmony. Nothing appears to threaten their peaceful existence, but in a northern city, an evil warlord is amassing a terrible army of wild beasts to help him realise his dreams of world domination. Good omens have foretold the birth of heirs to the Lion King, Nioro, and the village chief, Moko. A boy named Oule, and Sirga, a lioness, are duly born on the same day. They grow together and develop a powerful bond, an understanding which allows the boy to communicate with his animal companions. Time passes and a beautiful girl, Lena, is presented to Oule as his future bride, but her rivalry with Sirga prevents their union. The warlord learns of Oule's uncanny ability and sends soldiers to capture him. The village is besieged, Nioro and Moko slain, and Lena and Sirga taken prisoner. Believing they have found their prey, the soldiers torch the village and depart for the northern city, where the furious warlord cages Sirga and condemns Lena to slavery. A sorcerer tells Oule that one person alone can restore peace - someone capable of taming the winds. Oule resolves to find this person, and to rescue his friends. An old blind pilgrim offers to help him, and they embark on a long journey across desert and mountains. Oule learns to fight, and his wisdom and understanding of nature grow. Without his knowledge, the old man bequeaths him great powers. At last they reach the northern city. Arrested and enslaved by the warlord, Oule reveals his gifts and wins his captor's trust. Hungry for power, the warlord appoints him lieutenant of his animal army. Oule frees Lena and Sirga, as well as the big cats and other wild beasts imprisoned by the warlord. In the mayhem that follows, our heroes make their escape. Pursued by their enemies, Oule realises that he has been searching for himself all along: it is he who can tame the winds. He calls upon his powers and a terrible storm arises, sweeping away the warlord’s army and burying the city beneath a mountain of sand. Oule, Sirga and Lena begin their long journey home...


  • Wéré Wéré Liking, Souleyman Koli, Salif Keita, Mathurin Sinze, Sophie-Véronique Toué Tagbé, Sidy Lamine


  • Producer(s): Yannick Bernard, Patrick Grandperret
  • Director(s): Patrick Grandperret
  • Screenplay: René Guillot, André S. Labarthe, Catherine K. Galodé
  • DP: Jean-Michel Humeau
  • Editing: Sean Barton, Yann Dedet, Terry Stokes
  • Original Music: Steve Hillage, Salif Keita
  • Set Design: Nikos Meletopoulos, Santiago Isidro Pin, Carine Tredgold
  • Original Title: L'ENFANT LION
  • Genre(s): Action, Comedy

  • Production date: 1992
  • Language: French
  • Duration: 86 min